International Sleep Medicine Course 2018

June 12 - June 15, 2018

Tuesday, June 12

10.00-10.15 Introduction Monique Vlak
10.15-11.00 Neuro-anatomy/neurochemistry Robert Poirrier
11.00-11.45 Sleep, gender and age Derk Jan Dijk
11.45-12.30 Sleep and metabolism Derk Jan Dijk
1230-13.30  Lunch  
13.30-17.00 Interactive sessions(break 15.30u)  
  Taking a sleep history in adults and children Paul Reading, Arthur Kurvers
  When and how to study sleep Laurien Teunissen, Wytske Hofstra
  Scoring Sleep Irma van Velzen, Caroline Blankvoort

Wednesday, June 13

09.00-09.45 (Patho)fysiology of respiration during sleep Joost van den Aardweg
09.45-10.30 Clinical spectrum and diagnosis of sleep related breathing disorders Dirk Pevernagie
10.30-11.00  Break  
11.00-11.45 Sleep related breathing disorders and co-morbidities Johan Verbraecken
11.45-12.30 Overview of OSA treatment options Dries Testelman
12.30-13.30  Lunch  
13.30-17.00 Interactive sessions(break 15.30u)  
  Stepped care treatment of CSA Hennie Janssen, Johan Verbraecken
  Non-PAP treatment of OSA in clinical practice Peter van Maanen, Michiel Eijsvogel
  Principles and practical aspects of PAP treatment in OSA Peter Wijkstra, Jerryll Asin

Thursday, 14 June

09.00-09.45 Insomnia disorder and co-morbid insomnia Ysbrand van der Werf
09.45-10.30 Hypersomnia of central origin Rolf Fronczek
10.30-11.00  BREAK  
11.00-11.45 Chronobiology Marijke Gordijn
11.45-12.30 RLS and PMLS Diego García Borreguero
12.30-13.30  LUNCH  
13.30-17.00 Interactive sessions(break 15.30u)  
  RLS and PLMS in clinical practice Roselyne Rijsman, Diego García Borreguero
  Diagnosis and treatment of insomnia with emphasis on children and adolescents’ Daniëlle Hendriks, Nicole Wolters
  Hypersomnia in clinical practice Gert Jan Lammers, Claire Donjacour

Friday, 15 June

09.30-10.15 NREM parasomnia Monique Vlak
10.15-11.00 REM sleep behaviour disorder Sebastiaan Overeem
11.00-11.30 BREAK


11.30-12.15 Epilepsy and sleep Chris Derry
12.15-13.00 Closing session: Tips and tricks in preparation of the ESRS exam  Pieter Jan Simons
13.00-14.00 LUNCH



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